I grew up in Troy, Alabama.  Upon graduating from Henderson High, I entered Auburn University on a golf scholarship but soon found my need for income and a realization that I would never make it in pro golf lead me to a cooperative education position with South Central Bell.  I turned down an offer to work for Bell after graduation and chose instead, to matriculate at the University of Alabama School of Law in Tuscaloosa.


Huntsville-Madison County has hundreds of lawyers and many of them are of the highest character and incredibly talented in their fields of practice.  In fact, I believe that Huntsville and Alabama generally has some of the best lawyers in the world and am proud to be considered a peer.


Trials, civil and criminal, are expensive, time-consuming, high-stakes opportunities for you to have your "day in court".  Your trial lawyer is your mouthpiece; the means by which your story is conveyed to the judge or the jury in whose hands your future and/or your fortune lies.  Experience counts; ability matters.  I consider myself an able and experienced trial lawyer. I am a fighter and work only for you with the goal of obtaining the very best result given your unique situation.  I enjoy trying cases and I prepare every case as if it is going to trial.  But experience has taught me that more often than not, with excellent preparation and skilled negotiation, settlement through mediation or otherwise can produce results every bit as favorable to you at far less cost than going through a trial.

And last, but certainly not least, I am a proud dad to my 3 daughters, Brooke, Lindsay and Caroline, all of whom are pursuing career and family out West but whose Southern roots are firmly planted in all they do.



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Fax: (256) 802-1170

Email: tr@trlaw.biz

  • B. S. Degree, Industrial Management, Auburn University, Cum Laude

  • J.D. Degree, University of Alabama School of Law, Honor Court

  • Former General Counsel, for large insurance brokerage and TPA near Orlando, FL

  • Former CEO for large regional P&C carrier based in SC

  • Founder, and Former Administrator & CEO, The Sheffield Fund, Birmingham, AL

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