"Business Lawyer" is a broad term and these days a lawyer who practices in the business law arena generally chooses to pursue either a transactional practice or a litigation practice.  A transactional practice involves a lot of time in the office drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, organizing, merging or dissolving businesses, meeting with clients and the like.  A litigation practice moves the lawyer out of the office and into the hearing or court room.


Because of my combination of significant business and legal experience or maybe because of my natural inclination for all things business, i find myself today among a handful of lawyers who still bridge the gap between the office and the courtroom.  And so, from my office in northwest Huntsville I find myself providing small businesses and their owners a wide array of transactional and litigation services, including debt collection at rates that are extremely competitive.


Maybe my favorite practice area is contract law.  Contracts are essential to our economy and present a rare opportunity for private citizens to "make their own laws".  In it most basic form, a contract is an agreement or deal between 2 or more people by which one person or group agrees to perform some act or acts in consideration for the other person or group delivering something of value to them upon performance. Most contracts do not have to be written down to be valid and enforceable, though proving an oral contract in court is obviously more difficult than one with at least some of its terms in writing.  In fact, a simple email or thread of 6 ot 7 texts can often be sufficient evidence to support a favorable verdict or judgment involving millions of dollars.




  • Partnership Agreements 

  • Vendor Agreements 

  • Operating Agreements 

  • Passive Investor Agreements 

  • Buy-Sell Agreements 

  • Lease Agreements 

  • Employment Contracts 

  • Compensation Agreements 

  • Consulting Agreements 

  • Non-Compete Agreements 

  • Independent Contractor Agreements 

  • Sales Contracts 

  • Website Development Agreements 

  • Invention Assignment Contracts 

  • Employee Pledges 

  • Joint Venture Agreements 

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements 

  • Indemnity Agreements 

  • Hold Harmless Agreements 

  • Service Contracts 

  • Construction Contracts 

  • Loan Agreements 

  • Distribution Agreement 




  • Co-Ownership Agreements 

  • Vacation Home-Sharing Agreements 

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements 

  • Post-Nuptial Agreements 

  • Bill of Sale 




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