If it has anything to do with business, then I most likely do it. 


That includes helping clients start their business which often requires helping them choose the correct business organization form and filing the necessary papers to make it official; helping business owners negotiate, draft and finalize partnership or operating agreements with their partners or business associates; assisting passive investors negotiate and draft passive investor agreements that protect investor rights but allows business owners flexibility to achieve success ; assisting client businesses with collecting unpaid invoices from customers; handling the purchase, sale or merger of client businesses including drafting, reviewing, negotiating and finalizing the agreements that underly such transactions which are often quite lengthy and complex.

Do you need a government permit from the city, county, state or Federal government?  I have extensive experience working for my clients in regulatory settings and getting things done where other consultants and lawyers have failed.

I live and work in Madison County but with today's technology and provide legal services for any Alabama business and consulting services for firms all over the world.  Pick up the phone and call me today.  You will deal with me personally, not an assistant, and i will work with you if money is short.

I look forward to serving you soon.