Very few of us get the opportunity to "make laws" as that is generally left to legislators.  But what is a contract other than a "private law" established through the mutual agreement of 2 or more parties?  And like public laws, the effects of violating the "private laws" , i.e., contracts, can be every bit as devestating as violating public laws with poorly drawn contracts often costing businesses and individuals millions of dollars each year.

Do NOT trust contract drafting, review and revision to those unfamiliar with contract language and effect.  Spending money when the contract is made will save you untold sums down the line, not to mention saving you the mental anguish and unnecessary expenditure of time and money that goes with it.

I pride myself in being a wordsmith, a technical craftsman, and I know that there are certain provisions that should never be left out of any contract.  I also know that the deep pocket party to the contract needs a much more detailed agreement than the man without money who stands to benefit financially from contracts with the employers that do not address crucial issues.


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